AE delivers stunning BBC World Cup virtual studio in Russia
14th June 2018 10:38
AE has embarked on its 2018 FIFA World Cup adventure, by delivering, for the first time in BBC's history at a major tournament, augmented and virtual reality graphics at its studio in Moscow.

Working with BBC Sport's creative team and physical set designers, AE has helped develop a stunning, ultra-modern studio set that masks cameramen and equipment using cutting edge virtual reality with Vizrt engines. The resulting studio, offers a 360-degree immersive feel and includes a real window overlooking the iconic Red Square whilst incorporating a virtual window on the opposite side, which can display high-resolution live video feeds from match venues. The sidewalls also feature LED monitors acting as virtual windows displaying graphical representations of Moscow and the World Cup stadia, all of which are viewed in perspective as different cameras are moved and selected.

The camera tracking is being achieved using Stype's RedSpy system on four of the studio cameras. In addition to the virtual studio and windows it is enabling AE to produce striking augmented reality graphics next to and in front of lead anchor Gary Lineker and the BBC pundits, as well as team line-ups and other graphics featuring live tournament match and player data.